Chris Bradshaw


DOB? Product of the 80s
Nicknames? ODB, B-Shaw
Home mountain? Bear
Stance - Goofy or Regular? Irregular
Years Snowboarding? 20+
Favorite trick? Goin real fast!
Sponsors? ThiryTwo Boots and Outerwear, Etnies, Electric, JSLV, Technine, Neff, Rawpapers
Favorite trip you went on last year? Denver with the homies!
How many video parts? List them all? Exsposed, onelove, stateofmind, cold world, famillia 1&2, arena, tws in color, bozwreck 3000, piles for miles, fuck yeah,
Favorite rider and why? John Cardiel, Noah Salasnek, Chris Roach, Scotty Steves! STYLE is key
Favorite video part and why? Impossible question! But Bozung in True Life stands out

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