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We wanted to build a boot that could last 15 hours on the hill, hiking, digging in and out rails and riding snow machines all day long. Working with the best park builders in the world, they told us what they needed and we built it! The first ever Digger boot.

Product Details

Item Code: 8107000029/001
Color: BLACK
Fit: Performance
Lacing: Traditional
Footbed: Level 3
Flex: Stiff

Tech Features

  • Articulated Cuff
  • Performance Backstay
  • 1:1 Lasting
  • Tongue Tension System
  • 3D Molded Tongue
  • Traditional Lacing
  • Internal Lacing System
  • Vibram Outsole
  • STI Evolution Foam™ Midsole

Tech Features

Boot Specifications
Articulated Cuff
Eliminates shell distortion
Performance Backstay
Unmatched durability
1:1 Lasting
True half sizes
Tongue Tension System
Hand held precision
3D Molded Tongue
Even flex
Traditional Lacing
Superior lacing
Internal Lacing System
Superior heel hold
Vibram Outsole
High performance rubber
Boot Fit
Comfort Fit
Level 1
Intuition heat moldable liners
Single density intuition foam
Intuition j-bars for heel mold
Integrated lacing system
All W’s liner include sherpa lined cuff
Team Fit
Level 2
Intuition heat moldable liners
Dual density intuition foam
Intuition j-bars for heel mold
Customizable heel hold pockets
Neoprene toe cap
Power strap closure
All W’s liner include sherpa lined cuff
Performance Fit
Level 3
Intuition heat moldable liners
Dual density intuition foam
Intuition j-bars for heel mold
Customizable heel hold pockets
Power strap closure
All W’s liner include sherpa lined cuff
Level 1
Lightweight EVA footbed Sherpa lined for warmth
Level 2
Custom molded EVA Molded heel cradle for support Lightweight for optimum performance Mesh top sheet for comfort
Level 3
Intuition-heat moldable footbed Molded heel cradle for support Comfort ridges with micro fiber Dual density Evolution Foam heel pod

TM-TWO DIGGERS XLT reviews (1)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4 stars

Average rating: 4 stars
Russman 12/21/16 North Bend

Super super impressed with these boots so far. I'm someone that is exceptionally hard to please when it comes to snowboard boots, as I have super flat feet, and get foot aches while riding ALL the time. I'm also extremely picky about how my boot "flexes". This boot seems to be in the upper echelon of really thoughtful and quality design, and my foot aching has been brought to a minimum with these. The primary reason people get foot fatigue in boots, is because they need to crank their straps as tight as possible in order to "feel" secure. What I've found with these, is that they offer adequate support and stiffness (without being over the top too stiff) such that I'm not cranking my straps all to maximum. What I also like about these, is that they are essentially the same boot as Jeremy's second promodel series, and they have a FANTASTIC sole. I really love the crampon compatibility on the heel, and solid toe box for kicking steps. Also, I'm super impressed with the materials 32 uses on these. The plastic mid and upper sections that articulate with your ankle offer great range of motion, and the fully plastic rear spine. I also really love the rubber rand toe box, as it gives the boot a bit of a "mountaineering boot" feel. Criticisms I have so far: I'd like to see the "pleather" (fake leather) materials disappear from snowboard boots altogether, and be replaced by these hybrid plastics. The fake leather gets ripped pretty easily, and just feels like a "china made boot" material. In essence, I'd love to see high-end snowboard boots gain the same degree of quality as the mountaineering boot industry, and become essentially indestructible. Other feedback I have, is that I feel that the boot could become even a bit more "low volume" in the forefoot box section. It feels as though there is some material that "mushrooms out" when under load in the bindings. Also, I think the ankle harness laces could be about 1 centimeter shorter, as they tend to get maxed out pretty easily when you're tightening your boots down; As these wear out and pack out, I see these laces reaching their limit pretty quickly. In terms of use, I am almost exclusively using these as my resort boot, and do 99% freeriding in steep technical terrain in the Cascades. I'm 32 y/o, and my park jump hucking days are behind me. I spend about 90+ days per season on my splitboard as well, but for that application I'm using the Jones MTB (different review). All in all, 4/5 stars!

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