Toni Kerkela
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Toni Kerkela

  • DOB? 8th of December
  • Nicknames? Kerks, Tonobo, TK..
  • Home mountain? Talma glacier
  • Stance - Goofy or Regular? Goofy
  • Years Snowboarding? 13
  • Favorite trick? FS Inverts
  • Sponsors? ThrityTwo Boots and Outerwear, Rome snowboards, and Ashbury
  • Favorite trip you went on last year? Hard to name one. Team trips are always great! Love rail trips too, so I have to say a trip when we went to a town called Turku with KBR. We got some super good stuff on film! It was a new town for us. Nobody of us has never been there before to snowboard.
  • We just drove around and found some sick spots. Good trippin'!
  • How many video parts? List them all? Easily over 10. Latest ones to name: 2032, Postland: Connect the Dots, KBR's King Cobra...
  • Favorite rider and why? Cant name one
  • Favorite video part and why? Joe's Child Support part. It's just one of the sickest parts ever! And yeah that part just inspired me to focus more on rails.
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