Scott Stevens
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Scott Stevens

  • DOB? 7/13/?
  • Nicknames? Sleepy, Steamy, Doug Floutie, Steve O
  • Home mountain? Bear Mtn but I grew up riding at Blandford ski area
  • Stance - Goofy or Regular? Regular
  • Years Snowboarding? 17 I think
  • Favorite trick? Melon grabs, methods, Ollie's, nosepress, Indy nosebone
  • Sponsors? ThirtyTwo Boots and Outerwear, Etnies, Capita, Smith, Union, Coal, Dakine, Magical GoGo, Theory Skateshop, Mica watches, Crab Grab, Bear Mtn
  • Favorite trip you went on last year? Europe with 32 team
  • How many video parts?List them all? 7. I think Patchwork Patterns, Thanks Brain, Stack Footy, Get Real, Right Brain Left Brain, Defenders Of Awesome, Mind The Video Man
  • Favorite rider and why? Terje! Timeless!
  • Favorite video part and why? Jeremy Jones Shakedown. It is also timeless
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