JP Walker
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JP Walker

  • DOB? 10-16-76
  • Nicknames? The Don, HJIC
  • Home mountain? Brighton
  • Stance – Goofy or Regular? Reg
  • Years Snowboarding? How many years ago was '92?
  • Favorite trick? The newest one.
  • Sponsors? ThirtyTwo, etnies, StepChild, Oakley, Nixon, Dakine, Vertra, Raw Rev
  • Favorite trip you went on last year? 32 Euro Tour.
  • How many video parts? List them all? Yeah right.
  • Favorite rider and why? Jeremy Jones. My boy, dudes has been there every step of my snowboarding life. Mad respect and props for everything he has done.
  • Favorite video part and why? Joyride section in MDP's The Hard, The Hungry and The Homeless. Featuring Roan Rogers, Nate Cole, Dale Rehberg and many others.
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