Frank April
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Frank April

  • DOB? 6/1/87
  • Nicknames? The Tank
  • Home mountain? Stoneham
  • Stance - Goofy or Regular? Regular
  • Years Snowboarding? 12
  • Favorite trick? Boardslide
  • Sponsors? ThirtyTwo Boots and Outerwear, Etnies, LRG, Dragon, Empire, Ifound, Yes snowboard
  • Favorite trip you went on last year? Sapporo, Japan
  • How many video parts? List them all? 6-8....... Enlighten (Videograss), Shoot The Moon (Videograss), Yes it's a movie, Tabarnac (Brothers Factory), Next Level (Brothers Factory) Time Is Now (Brothers Factory), What (Brothers Factory)
  • Favorite rider and why? Louif Paradis, because he could do all the tricks and he could do this really clean
  • Favorite video part and why? Louif Paradis, These Days (Transworld) the riding-the editing-the song-the vibe

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