Benny Urban
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Benny Urban

  • DOB? 24.07.1991
  • Nicknames? B-Urbs , Burban , Ben
  • Home mountain? Hamburg Hills
  • Stance – Goofy or Regular? Goofy
  • Years Snowboarding? 15 years
  • Favorite trick? BS Lip
  • Sponsors? Dirtytwo, Etnies, Nitro, Airblaster, Arnette, Gnarly, Celtek , Foreal
  • Favorite trip you went on last year? Quebec With Isenseven and the ThirtyTwo Europe tour.
  • How many video parts? List them all? Nitro Feels like home, Givin ONE, Isenseven Fools Gold, Nitro Hyped
  • Favorite rider and why? Louif Paradis = amazing board control combined with the most creative eye.
  • Favorite video part and why? Keegan Bozwreck, Grenier Get Real, Jed these days, Curtis Woodman Somekinda life.
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