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Heat Moldable Liners

Heat Moldable Liners

Every pair of ThirtyTwo boots comes with heat moldable liners made with Intuition Ultralon foam. To heat mold those liners you'll need the tools to get it done. Our exclusive ThirtyTwo Heater and Fit Kit can help you achieve a custom fit for your new boots. Your local shop can help dial you in.

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Supportive Footbeds

Supportive Footbeds

ThirtyTwo is constantly improving the delicate art of footbed design. When you need support, you get it. When you need cushioning and warmth, we have that too. Dive into the 13/14 boot line and you'll see that each boot offers something different for every style of snowboarding. Get diggin!

System G2

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Evolution Foam Outsoles

Evolution Foam Outsoles

Evolution foam provides better cushioning than traditional foam materials and dramatically reduces the weight of our boots by eliminating the need for heavy rubber outsoles. ThirtyTwo boots built with Evolution Foam® are 15% to 40% lighter than the competition and are the lightest in snowboarding.

STI Evolution Foam

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