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Fast Track freestyle performance for the ladies.

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    The new standard in out-of-box fit.
    Medium to soft flex range.

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    Tailored to the needs of our riders around the globe.
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Flex Rating:

  1. 1: These basically feel like skate shoes
  2. 2: Buttery feel, buttery support
  3. 3: Loose but not in that way
  4. 4: Stiffening up, but still kind of soft-ish
  5. 5: Perfect blend of support and tweakability
  6. 6: The support you need for any terrain.
  7. 7: Control and board feel are paramount
  8. 8: Feel the mountain come to life under your feet
  9. 9: Almost as stiff as you can get
  10. 10: Like an athletic supporter for your feet

Footbed & Liner

Level 1F Footbed

  • Molded Ortholite Footbed provides spring-back technology, retaining 95% of its thickness over time and won't flatten out
  • Lightweight providing optimum performance
  • Foam contains recycled rubber powder to TR32D LIGHTLY
  • Fuzzy topsheet for warmth & comfort
Level 1F Footbed

Level 1F Liner

  • 100% Heat Moldable Intuition Ultralon Liners
  • Single Density Intuition Ultralon foam for comfort, warmth & support
  • Lacing System with Lace Lock for improved heel hold & fit
  • Internal anatomical EVA overlays in heel for optimal heel hold
  • Aegis anti-microbial coating to eliminate odor
  • Fuzzy Cuff
Level 1F Liner

Check The Tech

  • 3D Molded Tongue

    3D Molded Tongue

    Our 3-D Molded Tongues wrap your foot for easier lacing, improved fit and heel hold. This design also gives us the ability to vary the stiffness of each model for customized flex and improved responsiveness.

  • Fast Track Lacing System

    Fast Track Lacing System

    Our Fast Track lacing system for 2012 is better than ever. We've made a number of improvements to both the locks and the lacing to both eliminate friction and facilitate a better fit. Featuring our Patent Pending Four Zone Lacing, Handle Storage and One Piece Lock. Pull each zone, flip the lock and you're good to go for the day.

  • Rubber outsole with EVA cushioning

    Rubber outsole with EVA cushioning

    This dual density outsole has the durability and toughness of rubber at the corners where it matters combined with the cushioning of EVA across your entire foot. Like a shock absorber for your feet.


86 FAST TRACK Women's
Overall Rating
5 / 5
  • shams

    Note this is for the 12/13 boot, but I don't think they've changed too much for this new model.

    Overall I like these boots and if you just ride park, they are GREAT! I would probably buy them again, but there are a few things that don’t make them perfect. I tried to break my review into pros, cons and stuff in between that’s good to think about (which don’t make the boot perfect). If riding them with a soft board, they are awesome. If riding with a stiffer board, they will make your life more difficult. Note that I ride these with a Bataleon Distortia and Rome Madison Boss bindings and this setup is AMAZING! I love it for park. If I ride with my mountain setup: Salomon Ivy and Ride Ex bindings, the experience is tiring. The boots are too soft for it.
    - Warm. I never have cold feet in these boots – even on the -35C days, my feet are toasty warm. Note that I am wearing Lorpen socks usually, but with the same socks, my feet do get cold in my old Burton Emerald boots
    - Comfortable. These boots are extremely comfortable. My feet never feel cramped or uncomfortable. They are easy to walk in, ride in, live in…
    - Soft. I find these boots very soft. Excellent for park riding because I feel the boots allow me to move how I want to. Don’t feel restricted at all
    - Haven’t had any problems with the laces staying done up. The lace clamps look a bit delicate, but they hold well
    - They are light!

    - Soft. I find them too soft for mountain riding – especially with a stiffer board. I find that when I’m carving at speed that my ankles just collapse on toe turns and then my edge washes out a bit as I lose my edge. I find this causes a lot of fatigue since you are fighting with the board to hold that edge (see my mountain setup).

    Other things that I don’t find bad, but are things to keep in mind:
    - The insoles don’t provide much arch support
    - The heel lift can be quite large. It takes some experimenting to find a way lace up to lock your heel into the boot and even then, it isn’t that secure. I find it fine for park riding, but too loose for a day on the mountain – especially at high speeds
    - The lacing system is difficult to get tight
    - They leak a fair bit. The lower lace crosses the foot fairly wide intervals and that creates some gaps between the tongue and the body of the boot. I find that snow gets trapped in there and then when it melts (when you go inside, on a warmer day, etc..) it drips into the boot. HOWEVER, my feet don’t get cold. I’m not sure if this is the boot or my socks, but by the end of a day, my feet are damp. The liners and insoles need to be taken out to dry after each use.
    - The liners are slippery. When you try to take your feet out of these boots, the liner comes out first, and then you remove your foot from the liner. If you wear the boots looser, you may feel your feet slip around a bit. It’s a strange thing to try to explain, but I don’t think this is due to a poor fit. The materials just feel slippery…
    - They seemed to be wearing well so far. Didn’t really take time to break in at all. I haven’t found that they packed out much. They’ve been out 40 or so times so far and they still look brand new
    - The soles are thin. This makes the boot more flexible and easy to walk in, but if you are taking big airs, there is very little in this boot for impact protection. You may want to have good foot beds in your bindings to compensate.

    5 / 5
    5 / 5
    5 / 5
    5 / 5
    True to size
  • Michelle Hensle

    Love it! So light and comfortable...a little tight on the toes but that will stretch out with riding. I'd rather have them a touch too tight than too loose.

    5 / 5
    5 / 5
    5 / 5
    5 / 5
    True to size
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